Were there other bands? I don’t remember.

Happy Birthday John Paul Jones - January 3rd, 1946.

Happy birthday to John Paul Jones (January 3rd, 1946)

What are some of the funniest led zeppelin gifs you have? I feel like the Beatles have a bunch of footage of them just fooling around, and I was wondering if there are some of Zeppelin.

I think the funniest ones that I’ve made are those of the Celebration Day press conference, which can find under the my-gifs tag. You can also check out my blogs recommendation where I’m sure there are loads more :D

Oow I love your blog *-* Could you please make a Robert gif of this video youtubecom/watch?v=9uPKcMkH0vw at 2:42?? I would be perfeect *---*

Hi there, I’ll take a look at the video to see if I can make a gif of it. Thank you so much for visiting the blog!

Do you know any other good blogs that make zeppelin gifs?

http://dream7790.tumblr.com You can find tons, yes tons, of flawless Led Zeppelin gifs here.

http://rockstarsgifs.tumblr.com The url is kind of self-explanatory. The blog also has loads of gifs of rock bands beside Led Zeppelin.

http://changchens.tumblr.com She is the owner of rockstarsgifs, I believe, and there are some awesome Led Zeppelin gifs on her blog as well.

http://babeimgonnaleaveu.tumblr.com This blog occasionally posts Led Zeppelin gifs but the real goldmine here are the photos. Seriously check it out.

http://turbanaroo.tumblr.com This blog has many different type of gifs, not just concerts but also interviews.

I probably missed some other awesome blogs out there but I can only think of these blogs right now. Enjoy!

The CBGB Festival and Guitar World invite you to celebrate the paperback release of the award-winning Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page by Guitar World Editor-in-Chief Brad Tolinski.

The event, which takes place 9 p.m. October 12 at the Cutting Room in New York City (address below), will feature performances by all-girl Led Zeppelin cover band Lez Zeppelin and NYC-based alternative rocker Izzy Zay. 

RSVP early to rsvp@guitarworld.com!

I’m going to this event so if anyone thinks about going too, message me and and we can meet up or something.

I love your blog so much!

Bless this message.

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